About a year ago Microsoft released a Bluetooth keyboard designed to work seamlessly across Android, iOS, and Windows. More importantly, this thing shipped without a Windows key in the bottom left corner. In its place we were instead treated to a generic home button, a neutral icon that looks at home regardless of your mobile operating system.


Welp, that keyboard has now gone on clearance. Amazon and Best Buy have both slashed the price in half. Instead of paying $80 for a keyboard with a stand that can prop up your tablet, you can let go of $40 instead.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 5.25.07 PM

The only Windows icon is the one in the top right corner, which sits alongside an Android. This physical hardware switch lets you hop being operating systems. You know, in case you were staring really hard at the product photo before placing the order. It's okay, we do the same.