The new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are here! We want to know: did you buy one? The new video Chromecast now supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and has a much-improved antenna array design allowing superior Wi-Fi signal. It also just seems faster generally, and that's got fans of the cast platform quite pleased. Aside from that, though - it's the same basic deal as the last one, albeit with a completely revamped app that Google released to coincide with the announcement of the device.

The Chromecast Audio fills a different niche, essentially offering a way to smarten up old stereo systems and/or speakers by getting them on your local Wi-Fi network instead of using clumsy and annoying Bluetooth accessories or expensive all-in-one systems like Sonos (which admittedly still have their own merits!). Both dongles are just $35 here in the US. So, which did you buy? One? Both? Neither? Couldn't buy one at all? Let's vote it out.

Did you buy the new Chromecast or Chromecast Audio?

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