Opera Max isn't a browser. It's an Android utility that works in the background to apply the same data compression you've come to expect from Opera's regular and Mini browsers, except it does it on all of (or most of) your apps without you having to worry about a thing.

A couple of months ago, it added support for video compression from YouTube and Netflix, and now it's tackling another culprit of data consumption: audio. The three apps that Opera Max' compression algorithms will take care of are Pandora, SoundCloud, and Slacker. You won't have to do a thing for this to work. Just keep using your apps the same way you usually do, and Max will make sure to use as little bandwidth as possible. That's perfect if you're on a rather slow mobile or WiFi network or if you have a limited data plan.

This update to Max also includes the usual bug fixes as well as some UI improvements. Get it from the widget below.