Lately it seems that "retro" games have become synonymous with faux NES-era pixelated graphics. And while some pixel art is impressive, it's often just a means of seeming somewhat trendy without having to put in the extra effort and expense of making high-resolution 2D graphics work well. Not so with the latest SHIELD exclusive: Pix the Cat manages to blend truly nostalgic gameplay with absolutely gorgeous 2D visuals for an altogether unique experience. Unfortunately you'll need either a SHIELD Android TV or SHIELD Tablet (and a hefty $10) to play it.

The gameplay of Pix is somewhere between Snake and Pac-Man. Guide the titular cartoon cat through maze-like levels, eating rescuing ducklings who then follow behind you in an inter-species conga line. You'll have to guide them to the safe zone in each stage without crossing your own feathery trail. The primary mode is Arcade, which mixes the basic gameplay with psychedelic disco-inspired visuals and sound across 70 levels. In the Bomberman-inspired Arena mode you can duke it out among up to four players (assuming you have the controllers and friends needed, of course).

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Nostalgia mode transposes all of the graphics into a sort of Steamboat Willie style, and the Laboratory remixes the gameplay a bit for more of a puzzle focus. If you're put off by the price, know that it's the same one that the game currently sells at on Steam and other downloadable game services, and there are no in-app purchases.

Pix the Cat
Pix the Cat
Price: $4.99