Thanks to semi-standardized hardware and "pure" builds of Android, Google has maintained an impressive track record when it comes to speedily updating the Android One phones that it's designed with various partners in emerging markets. One of our readers was kind enough to track down a handful of links for over-the-air updates to Android 6.0 for these phones, in case users are tired of waiting and want to update their phones manually. To flash these OTA files in recovery, you need to be on the latest Lollipop build (LMY48M) with unmodified software.

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Android One users, enjoy your fresh-baked Android 6.0 builds, and feel vaguely superior in the knowledge that you're using the latest version of the OS months before all those suckers who bought flagship non-Nexus phones. If you know of any other OTA links for other versions of Android One hardware, drop us a line in the comments of this article or via our Contact page and we'll add them here.

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