Here's a little secret about people who run YouTube channels: a lot of them are obsessed with analytics. There's just something about having numbers that compels them to track, analyze, and obsess over every detail. This is the one thing they definitely have in common with website operators and certain types of sports fans. If you happen to be among this crowd, you're probably going to love the latest update to YouTube Creator Studio. It is now absolutely packed with new analytics about your channels, individual videos, audience, earnings, and more. Along the way, it also saw a little bit of restyling to clean up the interface and make it just a little more consistent and easier to read.

What's New

Visual Cleanup

2015-10-08 00.43.412015-10-08 01.03.32

Left: old version. Right: new version.

Most of the visual changes can be summed up in the side-by-side of the Dashboard (landing screen). Most of the horizontally aligned number fields have been replaced by vertically stacked fields with more clearly defined text. The individual video statistics are still lined up in a single row, but the listing status and monetization badges are now below the stats and the video length takes its place on the thumbnail, in the same locations it appears in the YouTube app.

If you're looking at color changes, you'll notice the hamburger menu turned from black to white to match the title text. The 'View More' text was also given a coat of bright blue so it can stand out a bit from the headings and other text on the screen.

2015-10-08 00.46.222015-10-08 01.03.47

Left: old version. Right: new version.

Graphs are also looking a bit different as the traditional bar graphs are now drawn as elevation graphs for a more fluid look. A bit more information was also added to show the date range and percent of change from a previous period. The order of date ranges (e.g. 90 days, 28 days, 7 days) was reversed and the action bar strangely lost its bright red color.

New Analytics

While the new styling is worth noticing, the really significant change in this update can be found under the Analytics section. This screen used to show about two pages of fairly basic details about view counts, engagement, and traffic sources. The new version completely dwarfs what was previously available.

2015-10-08 00.44.502015-10-08 01.11.092015-10-08 01.42.53

Left: old version. Center + Right: new version.

The new Analytics screen is broken into multiple subsections spread across the top. The Overview screen still contains all of the same old information, but adds details about average view duration, top videos by views, and realtime view counts.

Separate pages exist for each of the different categories of information including: Earnings, Discovery, Audience, Interactive Content, and Playlists. Note, these categories look like a typical pager control that can be switched by swiping the content area from side to side, but it's not.


  • Views
  • Estimated minutes watched
  • Average view duration
  • Total estimated earnings
  • Subscribers
  • Views from subscribers
  • Percent liked (vs. disliked)
  • Top Videos
  • Realtime views


  • Total estimated earnings
  • Estimated monetized playbacks
  • Transactions
  • Business models
  • Ad type
  • Top-earning videos
  • Top countries by CPM


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Top countries
  • Top subtitle / CC languages


  • Traffic source types
  • Top external sources
  • Top YouTube search terms
  • Top videos suggesting your content
  • Top playlists playing your content

Interactive Content

  • Card teaser clicks per teaser shown
  • Card clicks per card shown
  • Top cards
  • Annotation clicks per annotation shown
  • Top videos by annotation clicks


  • Number of times playlists were viewed (web only)
  • Views in playlists
  • Average time in playlist (web only)
  • Top playlists


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