Twitter isn't particularly welcoming to newcomers, and the company knows this. It has long worked to help users discover which accounts to follow and how to turn their feeds into something interesting. Part of this effort has included churning out daily summaries called Highlights. Now it's making a move to keep you tapped into what's going on across the network and the world regardless of whom you follow.

The new feature goes by the name of Twitter Moments.

TwitterMoments3 TwitterMoments2 TwitterMoments1

Moments don't just serve you a list of tweets. They combine them with photos, videos, and GIFs in a way that consumes the entire screen and feels similar to the Discover section of Snapchat. You can tap once on any slide to get a better view and interact with a tweet.

Move through the screens below to experience the first five tweets of a Moment about flooding in South Carolina, minus the animation and sound.

There are currently five sections to choose from. Today gives you a general overview of what's going on in the world. The remaining four let you pick what you're interested in: News, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun.

TwitterMoments5 TwitterMoments6

The changes are already live. You can browse through the opening salvo of Moments by clicking on the lighting bolt tab that has appeared in the action bar across the top.


Moments should also be available if you access the site from a desktop. You can read more about them on Twitter's support page.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free