There comes a time in every person's life when he or she needs to access a certain web page and doesn't have an internet connection. Those are troubling times that normally require the individual in question to stay strong and maintain composure until a connection is once again available, but thanks to a new experimental option in the Chrome Dev build for Android, that struggle may be coming to an end.

In the most recent build, there are a couple of new entries in Chrome://flags — Enhanced Bookmarks and Saved Pages — that will allow users to easily save pages for offline viewing, then make them quickly accessible via a new menu option called "Saved Pages" (makes sense, eh?).

That creates a new entry in the Bookmarks folder where saved pages are stored so they can be pulled up even when a connection isn't available. While this probably isn't the most useful thing for pages that are updated often — like this blog, for example — it'll be great to have if you need to save a particular page or piece of information that could be necessary in the event that you're without 'net.

Thanks, Bas Keetelaar!

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