We're at the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means now is a good opportunity to take whatever product you're selling and offer it in pink. HTC has decided to do precisely that. If you want to raise awareness of breast cancer or merely draw attention to that colorful piece of metal you keep raising to your ear, then you're the person who should take advantage of this time to buy a limited edition pink GSM HTC One M9. You can even have the pink ribbon imprinted on the back.

If this hot pink device looks familiar, that's because HTC showed off its flagship in this color back when it launched the device in Taiwan seven months ago. This is not hardware HTC designed solely to fight breast cancer. But that's understandable. It's not cheap to produce new variants, especially when you're only offering them until 11:59PM PT on October 31st.

It's not cheap to buy them, either. HTC still wants $650 for this limited edition model, and from the looks of things, none of that purchase goes to charity. The company says it has already donated $25,000. Your job now is just to raise awareness and help the smartphone maker move some hardware it probably had lying around in the process. If you do, you will also get $100 in Google Play credit and a free Dot View Ice case, also in pink.