Do you know what costs more than a Galaxy Note 5? This year's new Galaxy S6 Edge+, which is essentially a Note with fancy sides. Both are priced at uncomfortably close to a grand. Frankly, Galaxy Note devices are about as expensive as smartphones come.

Which is why it's nice to see that last year's Note 4 can be bought for less than half of what a Note 5 will cost you, as long as you're not bothered by buying a phone someone has owned before. Refurbished units are selling on eBay for $300.

This is the black, 32GB model sold by AT&T (the white model has sold out). It's priced $100 less than the last time we saw a similar deal, though this time the device remains locked to the carrier. Expect a few scratches and scuffs when you take the phone out of its packaging. Some users were frustrated by the experience they encountered following the Note 4's Lollipop update, so the handset may not be flawless on the inside either. But, again, $300 isn't a bad price to find out.

Shipping is free, but the seller is sending units exclusively to addresses in the US. If you live in Pennsylvania, expect a 6% sales tax. As for the other 49 states, what you see is what you pay.