It's that time of month again—yes, Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform distribution numbers. A surprising twist this month is that 5.0 variants of Android have gone down slightly. In fact, everything has gone down, with the notable exception of Android 5.1. That one is up almost 3%.

The 2.8% gain of Android 5.1 is the only uptick this month. It stole enough from 5.0 to push it into the red by 0.3%. A lot of devices are shipping with 5.1 out of the box now and others are being updated, so perhaps that's not surprising. That number is probably going to drop next month, though. The early Marshmallow updates will mainly hit Nexus devices on 5.1. The 5.0 segment will probably be more stable.

Taken together, Lollipop is up to 23.5% now, compared to 21% last month. Froyo is still hanging on at the very bottom of the heap this month. Google only lists versions that account for 0.1% or more of the Android ecosystem, so it might drop off in the coming months. KitKat is still hanging on at almost 40% this month. I bet KitKat is going to be the Froyo of the next few years.