Cables, the technological innovation that just won't die no matter how bad some folks want them to. There are wireless ways to charge smartphones these days, as well as options for transferring data without pulling out a cord. But frankly I still reach for a microUSB cable to do both of these things, and the number of people who do hardly stops with me.

So here's a way to stock up on microUSB cables for cheap. Aukey has a six pack on Amazon for $11, and it will let you get them for $4.50 less if you use the coupon code ALXCCZHA at checkout. This will drop the price down to $6.50.

Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 10.35.31 AM

The pack comes with one 6.6 foot cable, two 3.3, and three that are just a foot each. This way you can have one cord hanging out from behind your couch, two by the bed, and three that avoid making a tangled mess on your desk. You just have to supply your own power adapters. Each cable is Quick Charge 2.0 compatible and supports transferring data at up to 480Mbps.