Ah, Adobe. You can't turn around without Adobe either discontinuing or releasing another app that fits somehow into its complicated product ecosystem. Today we're getting Android versions of Illustrator Draw and an app called Capture CC. The functionality of this one isn't technically new—it's an amalgamation of three other apps, which are being phased out.

Illustrator Draw is a free-hand drawing tool that plugs into desktop Illustrator CC for layered vector images or Photoshop CC if you just want to export a fattened PNG image. The app (above) can sync directly to your desktop and open the correct app so you can quickly move a work-in-progress to a more capable platform.

As for Capture CC, it has all the features introduced earlier this year with Color CC, Brush CC, and Shape CC. The app will allow you to sketch out vectors and export them to your Creative Cloud account (from Shapes CC). You can create new brushes for Illustrator or Photoshop as well with the Capture CC app (from the Brushes CC app). Finally, the app can generate color themes from photos you take (from the Color CC app).

The individual apps are going to be retired and Capture CC will move forward with all the functionality in one place. As always, you need a Creative Cloud subscription to get much use out of Adobe's apps.

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Adobe Illustrator Draw
Developer: Adobe
Price: To be announced