You're on the sideline and you want to go through what just happened again. You can't believe what your lineman just did, and you want a replay to show during the next time out, visit to the locker room, or practice. You have a phone, a tablet, and plenty of expensive hardware. You just need an app.

Try InstantReplay. This newly available Android app is aimed at the kind of people who stand on the sidelines or fill pressboxes, those who take what's happening on the football field very seriously. InstantReplay doesn't just record what's happening on the field and give you the option to instantly play it back, the app lets multiple devices connect to each other over Wi-Fi. Some work as broadcasters while others serve as receivers. This way teams can collect video and intel using the devices they already have. The app is football-only for now, but more sports are on the way.

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InstantReplay is a mobile-to-mobile experience, so you don't need a PC, nor do you need an Internet connection. You do, however, need a Coach's Eye subscription. After a 15-day free trial, that's going to run you $500 a year. Yeah, we said this app was for serious users. That wasn't a joke.

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