Companies generally hope to entice you to use their gadgets and networks to watch the likes of YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. But Verizon Wireless isn't content to let you stream someone else's shows over its network using a phone it sold you. You should be watching its content. So to get you on board with the idea, it has released go90, a new video streaming app.

Go90, a reference to the way you rotate your phone when watching video, is an eclectic mix of TV shows and YouTube clips. Verizon says the service is launching with over 8,000 titles, over 35 original series, and the promise of live events. You can follow some shows now, but content hasn't yet started rolling out for most of them. A few heavyweights like The Daily Show are on board, but don't expect access to all that many episodes at once.

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Verizon hopes to attract younger users by adding in social features. You can like content, leave comments, and follow your favorite shows. You know, like YouTube. Go90 also lets you create a "Crew" of fans to discuss video with.

The biggest draw is the price. You don't need a subscription, though you have to create an account before viewing. Verizon makes its money from ads. Well, those and the mobile data you're hopefully paying for as you stream this away from home. Though if you choose to use Wi-Fi or some other carrier's network, that's fine too. Go90 is not a Verizon exclusive.

This is a mobile-only service, and Verizon hasn't expressed any plans to make go90 available on computers or set-top boxes. You can install it on your phone or tablet from the Play Store below.

Verizon is offering a promotional 2GB of data for three months on certain plans. Check out the support page for more details.