Nest has announced that a communication protocol it's been using internally for its products is now being made available to all device makers. It's called Weave, and I know what you're thinking, but it's not the same as Google's Weave/Brillo platform (because that's not confusing at all). Nest Weave will allow devices around your home to communicate directly (and with the Nest app) rather than relying on the cloud.

Thus far, anything that paired with Nest products like the Thermostat, Protect, or new Nest Cam needed to traverse your home WiFi network and the internet. Weave will let them talk directly, which creates a more power efficient and reliable mesh network. Nest is also working with Google on its Weave platform, but it's not clear how or if that will be connected to Nest's Weave (ugh.)

Products that use the Weave protocol will have a new "Works with Nest" badge so you'll be able to plug it in and let it talk to the Nest ecosystem automatically. You'll find Weave in things like light bulbs, door locks, and security systems. You'll need to have at least one Nest product for this to matter, of course. For example, the newly announced Yale Linus connected door lock will be controllable from the Nest app and be able to activate your Nest Cam when the door is opened. You'll start seeing the Works with Nest stickers soon, and the company is planning to launch its own store to highlight these products.

For SEO reasons, I need to use the "Internet of Things" (IoT) buzzword at least once, so here it is. I feel dirty.