There was a time in my life,

When I knew little strife.

I spent my days cruising the road,

Freedom was my only load.

I’d play my songs nice and loud,

Singing along with the crowd.

I had lots of money to spend,

And the nights never seemed to end.

Jump forward in time eight years,

A wedding, two births, lots of laughs, and some tears.

My freedom is gone, my money is tight,

The baby wakes me up crying at night.

Now I ain’t got no time to be alive,

Except for my daily morning drive.

It’s then that I listen to the songs Google gave me for free,

And I think about old times and how things used to be.

I listened to Cole Swindell’s free album today,

After hearin’ it my life no longer seemed so gray.

At least my dad and dog are both still alive,

I have a nice Buick sedan instead of an old truck to drive.

My house ain’t been burned down in a fire,

And no ex-girlfriends want to string me up with piano wire.

Most of all, I’m grateful I was born in the land where things can be free,

Like the rather sappy country album Google gave to me.