Google Maps received a fairly minor update last night, bumping it up to v9.15. There aren't any big visible changes, and even the teardown was pretty light, but there is one addition to the Settings screen that's worth mentioning. Under the Notifications section is a new checkbox titled "Traffic information." Obviously, it lets you shut off traffic notifications, which might be fairly handy if you already know they're coming or there tend to be a lot of false positives reported in your area. It's not the most exciting feature, but it will certainly matter to a few users.

This is the only noticeable change to the interface we've seen so far, but there may be some others lurking in a corner we haven't checked yet. There should also be a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the version that will bring offline navigation, but we'll keep watching.


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Version: 9.15.0 (915009123)