Ski Safari was one of the first mobile games I really got into. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, because it was downloaded over 140 million times. Who knew escaping an avalanche by sliding down a frozen hill while hitching rides on Yetis, penguins, and reindeer could be so fun? Well, two years after the original's launch, a sequel aptly named 'Ski Safari 2' has been released on the Play Store, for free. Not bad, especially when you consider its iOS counterpart is selling for $2.49.

While the basic premise of the game remains unchanged, there are several differences in the new title. First off, the developer is new, Sleepy Z Studios has taken the reins this time around (what is with all these freaking horse idioms) instead of Defiant Development who crafted the original game. Also, there are a host of other new features. Head to head multiplayer has been added, as well as the ability to take snap photos of your sweet tricks to post on Facebook (don't you dare). There are also some new environments to explore.

No longer are you confined to the ski slopes. In addition to the Penguin Peaks, you now can also cruise down jungle hills in Jurassic Lark with some dinosaurs and woolly mammoths - wait what?! Dinosaurs and woolly mammoths lived in totally different ages! Also, what kind of mammoth would live in a jungle? Do you know how hot it would get with all that hair?

Alright, deep breath, so the game is not all that plausible. Let's continue. If woolly dinosaurs aren't your thing, you can cruise on over to Twister Canyon which is themed with a lovely western motif. There you can hop in a mine cart and attempt to outrun a twister while avoiding armadillos, Sheriff Yeti and Chief Penguin... You know what, I've had enough of this. Who has ever heard of a penguin in the deserts of Nevada?! And a penguin chief? Really? Well, actually, with their commanding personalities and general notoriety for being cold blooded killers, that is actually conceivable.

OK, this is exhausting. I'm done. The game offers IAPs but not the lousy kind. You can go play it now if you want to. As much as I hate the idea of a woolly mammoth chilling with a T-Rex, I'm probably going to play it anyways. I just have to see how adorable a yeti looks in a sheriff's outfit.

Ski Safari 2
Ski Safari 2
Developer: Sleepy Z Studios
Price: Free+