Money has exchanged hands, and now Jibe Mobile is becoming a part of Google. You've probably never heard of Jibe Mobile. That's okay. Here's what matters.

We're all familiar with SMS. No matter your mobile phone's IQ, it can handle a basic text message. But we cling to the format because it's widely adopted, not because it satisfies all of our needs. Instant messaging apps are so popular on phones in large part because basic texting lacks decent group chat, support for high-resolution photos, and other features.

The Rich Communication Services program (RCS for short) seeks to address these shortcomings. The system provides support for emoticons, location sharing, and exchanging files. It has been in development for several years now, and Jibe Mobile is a company that has prioritized implementation on today's smartphones. Google wants to use Android to advance RCS adoption. This acquisition is part of that strategy.

Though if you want to keep using Hangouts, something tells us the company is probably fine with that too.

Alternate Title: Google Buys Jive Mobile In 1976 To—Oh, It's Jibe? Nevermind