Gold phones are a thing these days, but you won't be able to get Google's latest flagship in gold unless you happen to be in Japan. Odds are that you aren't, so that's a bummer. The gold version of the Nexus 6P is a special edition, and it will only be sold via the Japanese Google Store.

You can see the listing page for the special edition Nexus 6P in any region. So go ahead and look—let the unattainable phone mock you and your geographic locale. Technically, it's unattainable for Japanese buyers right now too. When accessing the page from Japan, users have the option to join the wait list for the phone, which should be on sale "soon." Everywhere else it just says, "This product is unavailable in your country."


Other than the color, this is the same Nexus 6P you can get in other countries. The price is not available yet (just the wait list option for Japanese residents right now). The regular 6P starts at ¥74,800, but maybe the special edition will be more expensive because of how special it is.