Today is about more than new Nexus devices. Google has also announced a new plan option for Google Play All Access. Rather than paying for multiple individual accounts, family members can now share a single family subscription for $15 per month. We posted this rumor yesterday, and it's now confirmed.

The current cost of a single All Access streaming subscription is $10, so even two people would save $5 every month with the family pack. This deal is valid for up to six people too. It's a long overdue change for Google's music streaming service. Both Spotify and Apple already offer family streaming discounts, and Apple Music is supposed to be launching on Android very soon.

The All Access family plan is a good value compared to Spotify, which charges $14.99 a month for two members, $19.99 for three members, $24.99 for four, and $29.99 for five members. Apple Music is the same $15 flat rate as Google Play All Access.

The new plan option should be rolling out later this year, so you'll have to wait to jump on the family streaming bandwagon. Note, moving to a family account will probably invalidate the launch promo price for individual All Access subs, if you've still got that.