We heard hints about something called Nexus Protect before the announcement today, but its exact nature wasn't clear. Now we know. It's an enhanced warranty you can purchase with Nexus devices in the Google Store. It's launching today with the Nexus 5X and 6P.

So what do you get with Nexus Protect? It includes a full two years of warranty instead of just one year. If something goes wrong with the device, you can get a replacement to your door the next business day. Importantly, Nexus protect also covers accidental damage, like a drop or water damage. The cost will vary by device, so Nexus Protect on the Nexus 5X costs $69. For the Nexus 6P, it's $89.

You'll have to sign up for Nexus Protect at checkout in the Google Store. It's not clear if it will come to other devices later, like watches or Chromebooks. We're also trying to find out if there's a deductible.


Google's official Nexus Protect website says there's a $79 deductible for each replacement due to accidental damage. You can do this twice in two years, and two-way shipping is included.