I think quite a few users were a bit nervous when they heard that the new Nexus phone cameras were eschewing an optical image stabilization system, instead relying on a new sensor design that includes bigger and more sensitive 1.55 micrometer pixels that gather more light. According to the experts over at DxOMark, there's no reason to worry: the Nexus 6P's camera is pretty freakin' great. After the team's battery of intensive photo tests, they've given it a score of 84 out of 100, the second-highest rating on the site. The 6P beats out the Galaxy Note 4, Moto X Style, and the latest crop of iPhones - the only phone to score higher is the Galaxy S6 Edge, and the 6P takes over the LG G4's second-place spot.

According to the write-up, the Nexus 6P's 12.3 megapixel F/2.0 camera module does very well in low light conditions (always a bit of a sore point with Nexus phones before the N6), has good details and exposure, and the white balance and color rendering are consistent. Video is also good, with notes for excellent autofocus (presumably thanks to the infrared module) and low noise. On the downside there are a few irregularities when the camera's HDR mode is active, and photos with highly dynamic colors can get washed out. Videos can also get a "jello" effect thanks to the software stabilization.

DxOMark hasn't posted the test result for the Nexus 5X, but that phone uses the same 12.3 megapixel, 1.55 micrometer rear camera module with infrared focus, so it's a safe bet that the results will be similar. Get excited, shutterbugs.

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