Among the Android modding circles, there's no app more recognizable than SuperSU. It has a well-earned reputation as the de facto standard for rooting your phone, tablet, and really just about anything that runs Android. Chainfire, the creator and developer of SuperSU, has been maintaining it himself since 2012, but now he's ready to hand off the reins. In a post on Google+, Chainfire says he's transferring ownership of SuperSU to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC, or CCMT.

Under the new arrangement, SuperSU will have more developers and additional funding to continue maintaining and building onto its feature set. Chainfire plans to remain involved with the project for the next two years as he slowly turns over responsibility.

As Chainfire points out, the people behind CCMT already have ties to a few popular root apps. CCMT is still a brand new company, formed for the purpose of taking over SuperSU, so details are still a bit vague. Chainfire has told me that additional details will be available shortly, most likely in the form of an official announcement. In the meantime, there are no immediate changes to SuperSU – it will remain free to download and redistribute (as long as it remains unmodified).