Buzzfeed gets something of a bad rap among some of the more conventional news outlets on the Internet. One that it entirely deserves, by the way - you'd be hard-pressed to find a more wretched hive of low-thought content and ill-advised "viral" posts outside of... actually, there's nowhere else. But Buzzfeed's news portal is, if not exactly stellar, then not entirely worthy of derision either - they managed to interview President Obama that one time. Buzzfeed's third published Android app is specifically for the news portion of the site.

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BF News is a typical news app, but it's a bit Spartan at the moment. There are only two sections, the primary "Catch Up" tab with a full scrolling feed of Buzzfeed's news articles, and an "Alert Stream" that shows the latest articles from your selected topics. These include the usual world/US/Sports/Business sections, plus some more specific ones like LGBT, "America Votes 2016," and the FIFA corruption scandal. Unfortunately it doesn't look like users can create new sections with search terms like they can in Google's News and Weather app. BF News does not work in landscape.

The app will probably be a boon to you if you regularly use Buzzfeed as a news source, since the layout is mostly text and considerably less cluttered than Buzzfeed on the web. If not, feel free to ignore it.

BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News
Developer: BuzzFeed
Price: Free