Raise your hand if you've heard this one before. No? Come on, I know Cody doesn't pore over every line of code in every update of Google's apps for nothing. I'm pretty sure you remember what he came across just last week when he tore down Google Photos 1.5. That was a very popular post too — almost 1500 social shares. Ah see, now you know what I'm talking about.

Yes, Google Photos, the app that broke free of Google+'s shackles and is now basking in the glory of untethered updates and improvements, is getting ready for a big bump. How big? Let's say 40", 50", 60", or 70" big. Depends on your TV's screen size. Because Google Photos is getting Chromecast support. Finally. You'll be able to throw your images and videos to the big screen and show everyone the latest snaps of your child, kitty, lunch, vacation, or all the plain weird macro pics of nothing that you take everyday. And all of your Assistant shots too. And Albums. Ain't that fun and useful? I'm sure it is. What's even better is that you'll also be able to add shots as backdrops for your Chromecast, so it idles to your awesome pics instead of whatever stock stuff it usually does.

The second new feature coming to Google Photos is people labeling. Photos already tries to identify the people in your photos and lump them together, but you'll soon be able to assign a name, whichever name you want — like bae or that dude/chick I once dated and whose guts I now hate or mamma mia — to them. That will then allow you to make compound searches to find pics of a specific person with food or pets or in a certain location.

And lastly, shared albums will be available in this update. Users will have the ability to pool photos from common events or of common topics together, and get updated on changes without any hassle. However, we still don't know if this feature is set like Google Drive sharing, with different role options for invited people, or if all users with access to a shared album have the same privileges.

If you read Cody's teardown last week, you'd have sworn he was looking into a crystal ball — or code line — because these are exactly the three features he mentioned. The man is a visionary.

According to our sources, these changes will be announced tomorrow, along with the new Nexus devices, Google Play Family plan, and new Chromecasts. Whether the updated app will make its way to us directly afterward or a few days later, we don't know. But rest in the certainty that the update is coming.