A major aspect of using VPN services for privacy or security is that you must trust your provider. If the service is actually willing to cooperate with spies or hackers, they could compromise all of your browsing activity. In this environment that requires trust, Private Internet Access is among the industry's most highly esteemed services. For just a few days, you can get 2 years of their fully functional subscription for only $60, a $20 savings over their regular pricing that already blew competitors out of the water.

Private Internet Access allows you to use servers in 20 different countries, not to mention multiple locations within the US, UK, and Canada. They make no attempts to monitor your traffic and therefore have no restrictions against the use of torrents, total bandwidth, and the like. Also included is access to a SOCKS5 proxy that would be most useful within a BitTorrent client as another layer of anonymity.


You may have 5 devices connected simultaneously and, as mentioned, there are no download or bandwidth limits. Private Internet Access offers relatively easy to use apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. They also give support for setups on Linux, open router firmware, and third-party VPN clients like Viscosity.

I can personally add that I've been using Private Internet Access for at least a couple of years now and am a very happy customer. I have not experienced servers getting slowed down on a regular basis, random disconnections, or any of the problems that customers of second-rate services deal with. You might want to look into a third-party client on Mac, at least in my experience, but it's far from a dealbreaker in my opinion.

This deal expires on Tuesday, September 29th, so don't wait too long to make your decision. If you're in the market for a reliable and trustworthy VPN service, I would recommend that you jump on this deal and not look back.