How's your selfie game doing? Is it mediocre? I bet it is. What you need is a phone with a front-facing 8MP shooter with a flash. Yeah, that's the ticket. Amazon is selling the BLU Vivo Selfie for just $99, but this deal is good for today only.

The BLU Vivo Selfie has a 4.8-inch 720p Super AMOLED display, a quad-core MediaTek 6582, 1GB of RAM, and it runs Android 5.0. It's not the most powerful device, but front-facing camera with flash is the main selling point.

This deal covers the US GSM variant of the device, not the international one. The BLU Vivo Selfie is unlocked, so it should work on any GSM carrier including T-Mobile and AT&T. This is an HSPA+ phone, so no LTE radio. It usually sells for $149, but you save $50 if you purchase before the end of the day. Prime shipping is included, if you've got that. And if not, it's on sale.