How hard am I kicking a soccer ball? Not hard at all. I don't play soccer, or football as you folks living in most other countries call it. But if I did kick soccer balls—and by kick, I mean apply enough force to quickly send them in a straight direction, rather than nudge them awkwardly and accidentally off to the side—the Adidas Snapshot app might just pique my interest.

Snapshot takes footage of you kicking a soccer ball and determines from those frames just how fast you sent the thing flying. The app defaults to kilometers per hour, because only those of us who call the sport soccer have any interest in seeing miles per hour instead. Fortunately the option to toggle units is available in the settings for Americans who happen to prefer this form of football over the other.

Snapshot4 Snapshot2

There's a scoreboard to keep you feeling competitive and a list of achievements to gamify your soccer practice. Snapshot lets you locally save images and video of yourself having fun or send them out to social networks. Though, admittedly, so does your standard camera app. But here you have the option to apply visual effects. This way you're not just seeing the angle and distance you hit a ball, you can pretend you nailed it hard enough to provide a flaming trail. Hey, whatever makes you happy, right?


Yeah, kicking a ball that hard would do it.

The app was not found in the store. :-(