Boom! The Woot app is finally, officially, available on Android. How 'bout that? Boom! It's all about the website's exclusive offers and daily deals, in a sweet material design. Boom! There's even a cool navigation drawer and scrolling. Scrolling, you guys. Boom! If you're wondering about the explosion sound effects, you should watch the app's promo video below. Boom!

For a first legit try at an Android app, Woot really nailed most of the design and interactions. The app is responsive, has different tabs to check the daily deals, best sellers, and browse everything else. Notifications alert you to new deals so you don't miss out on anything cool. And after you're done shopping, the cart section will let you check out in a mobile-friendly way.

woot-app-beta-1 woot-app-beta-2 woot-app-beta-3

There are also a few cute touches, in Woot's signature snarky style, like when you browse over to the About section or perform an inappropriate action. The developers also promise an overabundance of exclamation points. My experience says they didn't under-deliver on that!!! At all!!!

woot-app-beta-4 woot-app-beta-5 woot-app-beta-6

We're not sure how exactly you can join the beta in an official manner — there may be a hidden Google Group or Google+ Community somewhere — but we do have the apk file on APK Mirror where you can get it without any loopholes. Happy Woot'ing!

Woot has a banner on its site to join the beta program. It leads to this Play Store testing page, and once you become a tester, you should see the app's listing.

Woot! Deals and Shenanigans
Woot! Deals and Shenanigans
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