This isn't really so much news as "I thought this was kind of cool and wanted to share it with all of you." I just received an evaluation unit of Samsung's new wireless fast charge pad for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5, and upon opening I noticed immediately that it was quite a bit thicker than Samsung's old Galaxy S6 wireless charging pad. I then spied an array of what looked like (and as it turns out, are) ventilation openings all along the bottom of the charging puck. Could it be? Did Samsung build a phone charger with a fan inside it?


Hell yes they did, and it's kind of awesome. And funny. But mostly awesome. You see, Qi charging generates a lot of heat both inside the charger and in the device being charged. Given that this new "fast" Qi implementation charges your phone around 30% more quickly than the old charging pad, that probably means it's also producing more heat to make this happen. Dissipating that heat with an active fan is a great idea, if you ask me, especially since these charging pads are often stuck in poorly-ventilated areas where the heat issue might compound without a little extra assistance.

Technology is neat. Even if technology in this case is, well, just a little fan. And yes, it's very quiet - I doubt you'd be able to hear it even in complete silence without putting it up directly to your ear.