Remember that brief period in the late 90s and early 2000s when every other console game came with a seizure warning? The developers of Raywar: Pandemonium might want to consider adding one to their game. Twin-stick shooters with "retro" graphic elements have begun to blend together since Geometry Wars typified the sub-genre, but this entry pushes the visual elements over the top with absolutely insane levels of lighting effects, on-screen enemies and pickups, and shiny, shiny explosions. Check out the video below, which hardly does the game justice.

Developer Infinite Angle has been down this path before with the original Raywar. The sequel dials things up to eleven, but it's not just a pretty face. A unique variety of enemies, bankable obstacles for angled shots, and a healthy selection of ships and weapons keep things interesting as you progress. There's also some very clever game design on display. For example, if you should lift either thumb from the twin-stick controls, Raywar: Pandemonium is automatically paused right away, making sure you never die from a distraction in the boring real world.

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The game features four ships with unique special abilities, eight power-ups, external controller support, and two-player co-op (if you have two controllers). It's also compatible with Android TV. The only drawback is that there are just 14 stages and one boss at the moment, though the developers say they're working on adding more. Raywar: Pandemonium is a fantastic value at $1 with no in-app purchases.

Raywar: Pandemonium
Raywar: Pandemonium
Developer: InfiniteAngle
Price: Free