The Nexus 6P isn't as mysterious as it was yesterday thanks to the leaked image and the picture of the box we posted earlier, but what about color choices? We've got that covered. Above you can see the four color options for the Huawei Nexus.

So we've got white, black, gold, and aluminum/silver (I'm sure they'll have fancy names). The image above doesn't show much difference between the white and aluminum variants (aluminum on the left, white on the right), but they probably look more different in real life. Do note also that of the four colors, the gold version may be exclusive to some markets. There might be other colors available at launch or some time later (hello, red Nexus 5), but this is all we can confirm for now.

Presumably the front of all four devices will be the same plain black as it has been with previous Nexus devices. The white phone we posted earlier still had the black screen bezel. The black one might be the one to go with as the weird bar at the top blends in better.