Just like with paper mail, some senders can't help but screw with a good thing. Alongside letters from sweethearts and loved ones, you have unsolicited offers from who knows what. And you seemingly run the risk of getting added to a mailing list every time you sign up for a new site.

To keep users from giving up and walking away from their webmail for good, Gmail has made a strong effort to filter out spam and help users keep only the mail they want to see in their inbox. Now Gmail is going to provide even more control. Users will soon have the option to block users they never want to receive messages from again. Future messages will go straight to the spam folder, as though you had created a filter with their name on it. And like filters, you have the option to undo the action in Settings.

The feature will go live on the web starting today, and it will roll out to the Android app over the next week.

Another feature is making its way to Android, but this one is already live on the web. The app will soon let users easily unsubscribe from mailing lists. Just tap the option in the menu to have Google try to remove you from future annoyances. This is a feature we saw coming in a teardown back in May, where we detailed how things will work.

Keep your eyes peeled for the eventual Gmail app update to arrive.

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