It's time to take up your sword (and wallet) to do battle with demons, sorcerers, and other generic fantasy foes with the fourth installment of the Eternity Warriors series. There are three different heroes to master, tons of loot to find, and yes, some things to buy. Such is the world we live in.

If you're looking for a close analog to Eternity Warriors, it's a bit like Diablo with simplified combat. Each stage you visit is pretty short, but it costs energy to go there. Run out, and you have to use some of your loot to recharge or wait it out. This is one of those places the game tries to extract a little cash too. The levels can be done alone, or with other players in real time. The formula must work because the last few games have been very popular.

The graphics are solid, and I can confirm the first few levels are enjoyable. There are some ads and limitations on what you can do in the game that are removed if you make any purchase. So even if it's a buck, the game gets considerably faster. If you don't want to spend anything, you're free to grind to your heart's content.

Developer: Glu
Price: Free+