The LG G4 is a great phone, and it's got a removable battery unlike certain other flagship smartphones. It's even more attractive with the sale price available on eBay today. For $399 you can have a new unlocked LG G4 of your very own in leather or plastic.

The unlocked H815 has none of the carrier bloat you'd get with the standard US models. It has the right 3G and 4G bands to work on any GSM/LTE network, but it'll be a little better on AT&T. You'll only have HSPA+ on T-Mobile in areas where 1900MHz has been added, and there's no band 12 LTE. It has Tmo's main band 4, which is also used on AT&T. There's band 2 and 17 for AT&T too.

All the plastic and leather back variants are in stock right now. Shipping is free in the US on this item, but you can pay a bit more if you want to ship internationally to a fair number of countries. Tax is paid only in Missouri.