If you've been following the Google Now On Tap saga in recent days, you'll be happy to know we've come full circle. A new version of the Google app last week enabled On Tap for the third dev preview, but it stopped working soon after. Now it's back to displaying a cheerful "coming soon" message. Why do you taunt us, Google?

It seems like Google didn't intend for On Tap to be publicly available last week at all. Perhaps it was accidentally enabled in the Google app APK we got our hands on. What we saw of On Tap definitely didn't feel done. It missed a lot of easy things and lacked some of the features Google demoed at I/O.

When Google killed it, the On Tap gesture would simply return a server error message. Clearly a hasty fix to stop us from prying. Now it says, "Now On Tap is coming soon! Stay tuned..." We are, Google. Let's do this.