Update: OK, it's finally happening! Here are our winners for the official Marshmallow figurine contest, in no particular order.

Jason Scofi - for his outstandingly awesome, one-of-a-kind upcycled Android statue. It's fantastic.


Keith Myers - for Artem's Luck... the game. You can download it here. Yes, really: Keith made an Android game about Artem's technological misadventures. It's hilarious. Keith, your figurine is well-earned.


Jeff Kosmicki - for this short animated video of a bugdroid getting hit by a flying marshmallow.

Evan Liao - for his outstanding Android Marshmallow wallpaper everyone should download immediately.


Here's a mobile wallpaper version with just the little marshmallow guy.


Garret Bridges - for his tongue-in-cheek but totally-made-me-laugh Haiku.

Cease Waiting for 6

The Maw of Mountain View Opens

Shit I Lost My Root

Anas Shalan - for his hand-drawn Android poster with the word "Android" in Arabic characters.

2015-10-02 12.09.47 1

Jason Andreas - for sharing his hand-painted bugdroid statue blanks. We think this Marshmallow figurine will fit in splendidly with the rest of his crew.


Joshua Hilton - who sort of made 3 haikus, and then one line of something that is not a haiku, because there are ten letters in "Android Police."

Always something new
Never mindless like a sheep
Droids you seek, these aren't!

Remember the past?
Only Moto Razr Flip?
I feel so old now.

Donut was my first
Poor souls stuck on iOS

Let me live fore'er
I want to see the future

Enjoy the electric sleep. (doze mode)

And that's it! These winners will be getting their statues soon. Thanks to everyone who entered, we got some awesome entries!

Official Android merch isn't exactly easy to come by, especially something like a limited-edition statue commemorating a new version of the OS. While Google has made similar statues in the past, quantities were always strictly limited and we've never managed to get our eager hands on any. With Marshmallow, we finally have some, and you can win them! We have 8 official, limited-edition Marshmallow mini-statues to give away to Android Police readers. Why don't I have any pictures to show you? Well, because I don't have any of the statues yet. We'll update the contest page when we receive them next week, though, so you'll be able to see just what the prize looks like.

Considering this is quite a special prize, we figured we'd make this quite a special contest. Unfortunately, because we're responsible for shipping the figurines, you must have a US shipping address. Sorry, guys.

Entry is not the typical system - so please, don't rush down to the comments section just yet. It's a little more complicated than that, and we think rightly so. We're selecting 8 of the best expressions of what Android means to you. Here are some example types of submissions we would accept:

  • A haiku or other poem.
  • A short story.
  • An illustration (drawing, comic, painting, digital art, web page, etc.).
  • A video or animated GIF.
  • A song!
  • A physical creation of some kind (sculpture, 3D printing, food / baked good, or other physical representation).
  • An app or game (seriously, we'd allow this).

This is not an exhaustive list by any means - use your imagination! The only rules are that you must have a US shipping address, your work must be original, and you must be 100% OK with us sharing your entry publicly. We will be vetting all serious submissions carefully, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. We run a lot of random-selection contests on Android Police, and so we figured it was time to give some of you with more creative inclinations a chance to really do something awesome.

Because of the rather open-ended nature of this contest, we will allow it to run for 20 days. At midnight on October 12th, 2015, the contest will close. You may send your submissions via email to [email protected] - please use "Android Marshmallow Contest Submission" as your subject line! We would prefer one submission per person, but if you really feel like you have two great ideas, we won't stop you. Submissions must be sent by email to be considered, we will not accept them via social media.

Remember, be creative - this contest isn't about entering first or most, it's about using your imagination and personal expression! Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, humor, and general awesomeness. There is no hard and fast rule about what content is and is not acceptable, so please, don't feel stifled by our list of examples. If you have a question as to whether or not your submission is acceptable, feel free to ask, but know that the answer is probably "yes" so long as you're not appropriating someone else's work in bad faith or in a way that isn't particularly creative.