Fitness tracker apps are a dime a dozen in the Play Store, but few are as visible as S Health. This app has tens of millions of installs because it comes bundled on all newer Samsung phones, and now it's available to everyone else. The latest update expands support to just about any device.

The S Health app still has Samsung's account framework built-in for backup and sync, but you can use it on a single device without logging in. The app can be used to count steps, record exercise data, track calories, and so on. It's a typical exercise app, basically. S Health has a distinctively Samsung UI, meaning it hides the status bar and uses text labels instead of icons. It's a little jarring to see this on a non-Samsung phone, but it's a fine fitness tracking app.

Here's the full changelog.

  • Added health tips to the dashboard (US/UK/Korea)
  • Simplified food logging & portion changing
  • Added a setting feature for screen lock password
  • Improved location info accuracy during exercise (China)
  • Added more devices support
    • All Samsung smartphones since Galaxy S3
    • Non-Samsung Android smartphones
    • Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Some functions may not be available based on (regions/service providers/devices). Requires Android OS 4.4 or above.

S Health has built-in support for Nike+ and the Gear watches. Presumably the decision to make the Gear S2 work with all Android devices is why the app is now available to everyone.

Samsung Health
Samsung Health
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