Playing games is fun, but what about making them? The Weekly Humble Bundle can help you do just that for a very reasonable price. In addition to a pile of games (mostly Windows), you can get a license to the popular GameMaker: Studio Pro software with Android export. That would usually cost you $299, but it's only $12 via Humble Bundle.

There are three tiers in this bundle, and it's a bit unusual considering the type of bundle. Some of the tiers unlock games and others unlock the source code for a game. For example, you can pay anything to get Death Ray Manta, but if you pay $6 or more, you also get the game's source code. There are a total of 13 games in the bundle along with the GameMaker software.

The $6 tier is where the main GameMaker license is. That's a $150 piece of software that has been used to create the games in this bundle. As an aside, it was also used to make the insanely popular Hotline Miami. The $12 tier unlocks Android export, which is $299 if purchased direct. You also get the source code to several of the games so you can tinker. Show us what you can make.