There's a certain stage of your life where owning a car is cool, but that feeling eventually wears off. Then it's not having a car that's impressive, it's what you can do with it. Viber's SmartStart app lets anyone who equips their vehicle with the appropriate hardware start, lock, and track their ride using their Android device.

But there's a problem—the existing app is hideous and over five years out of date. It'll work just fine, sure, but you won't want to show it to anyone.

Screenshot_20150916-214304 Screenshot_20150916-214318 Screenshot_20150916-214326

Fortunately a big redesign is on its way as part of version 4.0. You're welcome to go download the APK manually and try things out right away. Here's the experience you have waiting on you once you do.

Screenshot_20150916-091323 Screenshot_20150916-213650 Screenshot_20150916-213709 Screenshot_20150916-213738 Screenshot_20150916-213713 Screenshot_20150916-213817 Screenshot_20150916-213904 Screenshot_20150916-213844 Screenshot_20150916-213723

The update is late considering Viper announced a release time frame of early 2015. The promised Android Wear features aren't ready yet either. The available functionality remains largely the same as before, but at least things are pretty now. That's good, because considering Viper's existing record on the track, users might be stuck with this look for quite a while.

Viper SmartStart
Viper SmartStart
Developer: Voxx DEI, LLC
Price: Free