The HTC One M9 may not have lived up to all our hopes, but it's still a good phone overall. I'd get an M9 before a great many other devices out there, if the price is right. Today, you can get your hands on an M9 for the reasonable price of $379.99 if you act fast.

This eBay listing is a refurbished AT&T device, but it has been unlocked to work on any compatible GSM/LTE network. So AT&T will be great of course, but T-Mobile should be okay as well. LTE will work on Tmo, but HSPA+ is only supported in areas within the 1900MHz re-farming. There's also an AT&T globe logo on the back, but they have acids that can burn that off.

The $380 price tag includes shipping within the US. You can pay for shipping to a few other countries, but it's probably not worth it. Tax is paid only in California.

It's back and cheaper

The M9 deal is back and down to $349.99. Not bad for a refurbished phone that only came out a few months ago.