The days of receiving somewhat flimsy feeling flagship handsets from Samsung, at least for now, appear to be over—but that just means this is a good time to grab the past devices for cheap. The Galaxy S5 is available right this moment on eBay for $300. Think of the S5 as the epitome of plastic phone hardware from Samsung.

This price is significantly less than what the S5 used to cost, and much cheaper than handing over money for an S6. Just know you won't receive updates for much longer at this stage of the S5's life.

These units are unlocked AT&T models, so you can only use them on GSM networks, and you may not get the best T-Mobile coverage if you decide to activate the phone with the Un-carrier.

You can get the phone in black, blue, and white. Gold is sold out. The seller is shipping to folks all over the world, expect for those who live in Africa, Asia, South America, or in the countries of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, and Ukraine.