João Dias, also known as joaomgcd on the Play Store, is one of those developers who are never, ever, content with the current capabilities of modern smartphones. He wants them to be more powerful, respond to more commands, allow more interactions, all from more interfaces. His AutoVoice app has been available for a while, allowing you to harness the OK Google interaction scheme to automate plenty of new actions and issue commands that Google's default algorithms don't yet understand.

Now AutoVoice is getting a lil' sister app, an AutoVoice Chrome extension for your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Thanks to it, you can perform the same actions on your phone, but while sitting at your computer (or from another phone too), like taking screenshots, sending messages, hanging up on calls, and more. João has made a demo video to show you the possibilities.

To get it working, you will need the AutoVoice app linked below, the Chrome extension linked above, and to follow this guide for the detailed steps. The best part about this extension is that you can personalize the triggering command and the answer to your liking, with all of the endearing, snarky, or obscene sentences you can imagine. "Honey! Hey darling," "Wazzup! Waaaaazzzzzuuuupppp," "Command Center! Yo Yo Yo," "Slave! You called, Master," are among the infinite possibilities you'll be able to use.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+