Oh Japan, you never cease to impress and amaze and blow us away! But you've outdone yourself on this one. If you grew up in the eighties, you must have nostalgic memories of plugging your game console into the CRT TV, inserting a game cartridge, and starting a few rounds of Super Mario to blow off some steam after school or during the weekend. The age of smartphones has robbed us all of this satisfaction. Games are now downloaded or bought on silly round discs. Sure, there are emulators, but what about the sheer joy of taking a cassette and blowing into it before you insert it in the console? Well, the country behind Nintendo and Sega has a solution that'll blow your mind: the Pico Cassette.

A 3.5mm cassette-shaped thingamajig that plugs into your phone and blows its preloaded emulated games into a corresponding app. One can only hope that this Pico Cassette will be as fickle as old game cartridges, and decide not to work 1 time out of 10, as the wind blows. That would be its winning feature and deathblow, in one.

Before you blow a fuse at my forced puns, just watch the teaser video.

Yeah. Now you know I didn't blow it out of proportions.