Google is keeping up its fast pace of updates to its office productivity apps, this time with meaningful improvements to both Slides and Sheets for Android. Building on existing presentation abilities, Slides gets notification forward/back toggles as well as an option to watch your audience while presenting to a Hangouts call. Sheets now gives Android users the option to easily edit charts, which were basically view-only previously.

Here's a before and after look at the lockscreen notification that Sheets displays while you present on a second screen/Hangouts call.

slidesnot1 slidesnot2

Without those toggles on the notification, you'll be forced to choose to either keep your phone unlocked while presenting or constantly enter your login password/fingerprint/etc. to advance to the next slide. This was an unnecessary hurdle that is taken care of now.

When you are actively using the app to present, you may not really need to see your slide the entire time. In a Hangouts call presentation, it might be more helpful to see the person or people on the other end of the call. The video below provides a nice walk-through of this capability.

Now on the Sheets side of things, a recent update added the "explore" feature that automatically generates interesting charts and graphs. When working from Android, this had the potential of opening the door for actually managing these visuals from the app. The latest update adds some toggles to actually edit these charts.

Below is a screenshot of this interface where you can edit the type and design of the graphs generated by Sheets.



These updates should be rolling out in short order, but could take a few more days to reach your device. You can use APK Mirror to grab the APK for Sheets or for Slides and install yourself.