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"We got you," says a fictional Microsoft employee.

And then Microsoft Send appears in the Play Store.

Send1 Send2 Send3

Here's where I get you up to speed. Think of this Microsoft Garage app as instant messaging that works through your Office 365 email account. Messages you send through Send will still appear when you fire up webmail, but you won't see all that other junk when you open Send. Instead, it will only show the conversations you started within the app. This way all those long email threads that read like IM chat logs can transition to a place where they can feel at home.

Send-1 Send-3

Microsoft announced Send back in July, but the service wasn't ready for Android at the time, nor Windows Phone for that matter. It was an iOS exclusive. But things have changed, and now here's a download link to Send you on your way.

Microsoft has also expanded Send's availability from Canada and the US to Brazil, Denmark, and the UK.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Alternate Title: Microsoft Sends Android Users A Weird Little Instant Messaging Email Client Made In Its Garage