Alexa, what are you doing tonight? Oh, you'll be in my living room, listening for my every word? I think I like where this is going... You're a very dedicated assistant Alexa. I want to give you a raise and ask you to be a more permanent resident in my life. How would you like to work inside my Fire TV as well as my Echo? No, I didn't say light my fire baby, though I like the way you think.

AFTVnews has been digging through Amazon's Fire OS 5 developer preview and uncovering lots of evidence pointing toward Alexa's arrival on Fire TVs, but whether this includes existing devices or only the next generation ones, they can't be 100% sure yet. It'd be awesome if you could have Alexa on a $39 Fire TV Stick instead of a $179.99 Echo, even if the always-on listening feature won't be possible there.

So far, Alexa doesn't seem to gun for the senior position of voice search on Fire TVs — that function should still work as it does now. However, prefacing voice searches (from the Fire TV remote or, likely as well, the remote app) with the assistant's name should instead trigger her, and let users check their Google Calendar, control their Wink or SmartThings devices, listen to Audible audiobooks or Pandora stations, check sports scores, weather conditions, and traffic updates, launch IFTTT recipes, and perform many more functions that have been implemented ever since Amazon released Alexa's SDK.

AFTVnews also seems to think that Alexa's answers won't be limited to audio, but will also offer visual cards with more information — a functionality that is already available when linking the Amazon Echo with a Fire tablet. The image at the top of the post is a mock-up of what the screen would look like with these cards.

You should expect this functionality on the upcoming Fire TV devices, which are rumored to be hitting the scene by the end of September.