NVIDIA must be paying its developer partners really well. That's the only reason I can think of that so many developers of 2D games, which could be played well on just about any modern Android device, keep creating SHIELD-exclusive games. Heck, half of Devolver Digital's current games could run on a bargain bin tablet ripped from a Wallgreens shelf. So I invite you to wonder just how many potential sales Frima Studio (developer of previous wide releases like Nun Attack) is giving up by making Chariot exclusive to the SHIELD TV... and how much NVIDIA incentivizes developers to make up for those sales.

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Anyway. Chariot is a plaforming games that focuses on two-player co-op gameplay. The story follows a late king who goes all Hamlet and appears to his daughter as a ghost, but instead of fingering murders in iambic pentameter, he's whining that his grave isn't fancy enough. It's your job to move his coffin on wheels through a collection of whimsical physics-based stages, all while trying to resist punching his corpse for being such a jerk. You can play as the princess alone, but Chariot really shines when you team up and the second player controls her fiancé (who's constantly belittled by the king's ghost, because that's what father-in-laws do).

Chariot eschews the 8-bit fad for some gorgeous sprite graphics and animations that remind me of Rayman Legends, and its coffin-dragging, rope-swinging gameplay brings several new twists to the genre. It's quite pricey at $15, but that's the same price that the game has on Steam at the moment.

Developer: Anuman
Price: $5.99